(Important Disclaimer: When dealing with horses, balloons and weather things do not always go according to perfect timing. We ain’t McDonalds and this isn’t a space shuttle launch or a German train. This is a casual, fun festival to enjoy in full. Please remember that. Smile. Breathe. Laugh. Life is Good.)


7AM - 3PM
Property open for vendor and sponsor setup.


6:30 am - 10 am
Gates open for all vendors, caterers and crews.
Vendor set up the day before encouraged and prefered.
(Those vendors who show up after 10 am on event day will be forced
to park in General Parking Lot and pay $20 parking fee).
7 am
Gates Open For Morning Hot Air Balloon Launch (weather permitting).
7:30 AM - 10AM
Purchase drink and food tickets early to avoid lines later in the day! Morning Hot Air Balloon Launch and Tethered Rides available (weather permitting). Kids Bounce Houses and all vendor spaces are NOW open and ready for business - check out our vendors! Food, bars and vendors will stay open the entire day and into the evening.
All vendor spaces are open and ready for business - check out our vendors! Saturday Morning Hot Air Balloons Activation ends and Pilots and Balloons temporarily leave property until Afternoon and Evening Hot Air Balloon Activation. Remember, all Guests including our Hot Air Balloon Guests can leave and return later in the day using same parking pass.
11:00 am
Gates open for all ticket holders! Golden Mallet VIP and Founder’s Lounge Attendees can enter VIP areas. Live music by local artists will begin in various tented areas. Tastings for VIP’s also become available. Purchase plenty of Food and Drink Tickets early to avoid long lines later in the day!
11:00 am
All vendor spaces are open and ready for business - check out our vendors!
Polo tutorial by MC & Polo Announcer. First polo battle begins: The Victory Cup Ladies Tournament.
Meet the Players Reception in The Founder’s Lounge Area starts.
11 am - 1 pm
Invite Only hospitality tasting tent with complimentary alcohol tastings.
11AM - 2PM
Catered Lunch Activations begin for Golden Mallet and Founder’s Lounge ticket holders.
The Founder’s Lounge Lunch will begin around 11 AM. The Golden Mallet VIP Lunch will begin around 1 PM.
1:00 pm
Presentation of the colors by local Color Guard and National Anthem by local artist.
Ceremonial first ball is thrown out and The Second Victory Cup Polo Match begins.
VIP’s make sure to find your catered lunch area!
2:30 pm - 3:00 pm
Stomping of the divots sponsored by vineyard vines
3:00 pm
Third Victory Cup Polo Match begins.
Hot Air Balloons & Pilots return to the property for the Saturday Evening Hot Air Balloon Activation! Vendors, bars and food trucks remain open throughout the evening! Purchase plenty of drink and food tickets while the lines are short to avoid waiting in long lines later!
4:00pm - 5:30pm
Farm to Table Dinner on the field with the polo players (must have a Founder’s Lounge or Farm To Table Dinner Pass). Remember, this Farm to Table Dinner is included in your Founder’s Lounge Ticket! Anyone who does not have a Farm to Table or Founder’s Pass can purchase a Farm to Table Dinner Pass at the Drink and Food Ticket Tent on site (if available). One of the largest Farm to Table Dinners in the country, all the ingredients are sourced locally and responsibly from local growers, farmers, ranchers and fishermen to ensure the highest quality.
4:30PM - 5PM
Trophy presentation to the winning polo team in the Winner’s Circle!
Best dressed fashion contest will be held after the Trophy Presentation on Center Stage.
Both men and women are invited to the Center Stage area to compete in a fan-driven best dressed fashion contest.
Bring your friends to cheer you on!
VIP HOURS: The VIP areas open at 11AM on Saturday and close around 5PM same day; this includes VIP Open Bar Access for Founder’s Guests. The Founder’s Bar is open for at least 5 hours. Golden Mallet Guests have access to the alcohol tasting area from 11AM to 1PM. The Founder’s Lounge casual lunch is served at 11AM and Golden Mallet casual lunch is served at 1PM. Founder’s fieldside casual dinner is served around 4:30PM.
5PM - 8PM
Live Band and Entertainment on Center Stage!
5PM - 9PM
Hot Air Balloon Glow & Tethered Rides available (weather permitting). Experience these magical giants close-up. A Night Glow is a gathering of hot air balloons that inflate at night. When the burners are ignited, the balloons come to life with brightly glowing colors and the roar of the burners. It’s a spectacular display of color and sound within the magical nighttime ambiance where families and children may walk up to the balloons to feel the heat from the burners it inflates the canopy and see first-hand the shapes and colors come to life. Watch as these colorful shapes float high above the crowd with music, lights and special effects that will be sure to bring smiles to all ages.
6PM - 7PM
Champagne toast under the stars. Founder's Lounge & Farm To Table Pass holders are invited to join the polo
players for a champagne toast and music under the stars. Should we need to cancel tethered rides due to safety,
tethered ride ticket holders will be automatically upgraded to the champagne toast under the stars.
The Victory Cup festivities conclude. Please don’t drink and drive.