Question: I only want to see the Hot Air Balloons, do I have to pay for polo too?
Answer: Unlike many Hot Air Balloon Festivals, we do not shut down during the day. We keep the festival going during the afternoon when most other festivals shut the gates. Polo is part of our afternoon schedule and all ticket holders can attend. Hot Air Balloons are extremely weather contingent and only one portion of this fun festival. Come prepared to enjoy the entire festival! Come and enjoy a great day of food, drinks, polo, fashion, vendors and balloons!
Question: Do I have to pay for a child?
Answer: Children under 3 are free and do not need a pass. All other children will need a Kid’s Pass available for sale on the Ticket Page of each website.
Question: Is my dog allowed?
Answer: We are a pet friendly event but pets must be leashed at all times.
Question: Is this kid friendly?
Answer: We are a kid friendly event and welcome families to our grounds. We have a kids area at each event including bounce houses. Feel free to bring a ball or games to play as a family in our large grass areas!
Question: Do you allow tailgating?
Answer: We have many food and alcohol vendors on site and therefore do not allow outside tailgating. Outside food and alcohol is not allowed.
Question: Do I need to dress up?
Answer: Not at all. Many guests do pick out the ‘perfect’ outfit for this event, but just as many quests come casual. You should review the photo gallery online and it will give you a sense for how most of our guests dress.
Question: What is the main difference between VIP and other passes?
Answer: Read each ticket description clearly. We have ticket levels for all budgets and the higher the price the more the ticket covers.
Question: How can a Charity become involved with the event?
Answer: We are a private for profit event. That said, we do provide multiple opportunities for charities to get involved. If you would like to apply as a charity for participation please email us at
Question: Can we bring blankets, lawn chairs?
Answer: Yes, and you are encouraged to do so! Each event is held on a large grass area. Coolers are not allowed, but blankets, chairs and lawn games are encouraged!
Question: If I do a private tent, can I bring my own alcohol, bar?
Answer: No. You must contact us and we will facilitate all bar services through our permit.
Question: What is a Tethered Balloon Ride?
Answer: Want to get that experience and “feeling” of a balloon flight without leaving the venue, then a Hot Air Tethered ride is a great way to enjoy the experience. A Tethered Ride gives riders a taste of Ballooning while anchored down to the ground by high-tensile strength ropes only floating up to 30-40 feet in the air. Passengers climb aboard the aircraft for a short ride. Tether Rides are a great way for small children or elders to experience a balloon ride, also ideal for people with fears of flying or heights. All passengers must be in good health, if you are pregnant, recently released from the hospital, have current broken bones or casts, you will not be able to qualify to purchase a ride. These balloons are not certified by the FAA to carry wheelchairs. The pilot will also be available to determine who can fly! Tethered rides are available for sale in advance online. Like all other Balloon Rides, tethered rides are also weather permitting; are on a first come, first serve basis and at the individual pilot’s discretion.
Question: What is a Night Glow?
Answer: Gather with thousands of spectators to experience these magical giants close-up as part of the the ever popular “Balloon Glow Show” each evening. A Balloon Night Glow is a gathering of hot air balloons that inflate at night. When the burners are ignited, the balloons come to life with brightly glowing colors and the roar of the burners. It’s a spectacular display of color and sound within the magical nighttime ambiance where families and children may walk up to the balloons to feel the heat from the burners it inflates the canopy and see first-hand the shapes and colors come to life. Watch as these colorful shapes float high above the crowd with music, lights and special effects that will be sure to bring smiles to all ages.
Question: We are vendors, when should we load in? Other details?
Answer: If possible, please setup on Thursday (10/11) from 7AM – 6PM or Friday, (10/12) from 7AM – 3PM. Anyone that is setting up Saturday morning, please be completely ready to vend by 6:59AM. Those teams arriving after 7 AM will have to pay a $20 parking fee and will have to carry their items from general parking area. This is not ideal, you want to avoid this. Tent sponsors, caterers and vendors please remember you must bring everything you need including ice, water, generators, garbage cans, bags, setup and prep areas etc. This is a huge field with no water and no electric. If you need to hookup to our generator there is a nominal $25 fee — please contact for an invoice before the event. Also, after the event please leave your area as you found it. That means no damage, no trash and nothing left behind. If you do not clean up for yourself, we will be forced to clean up for you. The cleanup fee per space is $250.
Question: We are food vendors, how can we be involved?
Answer: The event will be on a ticketing system that attendees will purchase $3 tickets from a central location to redeem for food and alcohol. At the close of our event, and not before, we will cut you a check for 20% of the Total Value of the Tickets you collect. Please review the food vendor agreement and ensure that your signage reflects the number of $3 tickets required for each item. Our bar concessionaire will be selling all beverages, absolutely don’t sell water, juices, soft drinks, etc. Also, please review and abide all Health Department requirements.
Question: We are alcohol tasting partners, what do we need to know?
Answer: Alcohol tastings will occur in the Invite Only Hospitality Tent from 11AM – 4PM. Alcohol tastings must be true tasting sizes. Please review and abided by all Charleston County Health Department requirements. If you need to get in touch with someone for setup or day of the event you can contact Joe Bachmeier at (914) 406-5114 or Greg Ball at (917) 681-9302. You can also email