Prior to Saturday, I had never seen polo before and was so excited for my first match. I took some friends to The Victory Cup at Prestonwood Polo Club in Oak Point, TX, about an hour west of Dallas. It’s an all-day event, but my friends and I got there early since everything that came with our VIP Golden Mallet tickets was largely between 11 am – 1 pm. I’m so glad we got there as early as we did because we got great parking and an awesome field side cabana with couches and shade.



IMG_9189My friend and photographer behind these shots, Norberto of Darling Photography

IMG_0537Photos courtesy of Darling Photography

There was quite a lot to do on site. Food and drink vendors were set up. Bounce houses were everywhere. Some retail vendors had displays of cowboy hats, jewelry, etc. Patron had a really cool tent with photo ops and popsicles that I intended to go visit but never did.


IMG_0534-e1528294926388Cornhole. Y’all know how much I love lawn games!

It was a balmy 106 degrees according to my car. I was so happy to be in a breezy dress and large hat with UV protection and even happier to have scoped out a shady spot with a great view.


Various spirits were set up in the Golden Mallet lounge with live music and cocktails to try. I wish we could have taken the cocktails out of the tent, because I believe alcohol should be savored and enjoyed, never slammed. I would have preferred to sip the cocktails while watching polo. Yellow Rose Whiskey had a fantastic lemonade cocktail that tasted so refreshing and light, I was startled when I realized that it in fact had whiskey! Even though I’m a big bourbon fan, I’ve never taken a shine to whiskey. Yellow Rose changed that for me.





Jack Daniels had a fun set up where the gentleman taught you the proper way to taste whiskey. “It’s three sips. That first sip, the whiskey will just coat your palate. The second sip, that’s where all the flavors come in, the rich oak, that nice vanilla. And the final sip, that’s the finish.” Now we know!



Bloody Buddy was also present. I would not have even gotten a taste, as I’ve never met a bloody mary I liked, but my friend Wendy recommended it so I gave it a try. Wow! While a bloody mary will never be my drink of choice, this was actually really good. It basically tasted like V8 Juice – a little dangerous since you could not taste vodka!


I expected a lot food-wise since the Victory Cup website says it’s a food and wine festival. I think this largely comes into play with the farm to table dinner that comes with the most expensive ticket. The catered lunch was sliders, chips, and pickles.


IMG_9505Not going to lie: it’s a little intimidating to stand next to such super models!

IMG_0651With my friend Jessica of My Curly Adventures

I did love watching the polo. It’s such a fascinating sport to me and the announcer did a great job of explaining the rules during the match. Be sure to check the schedule before deciding when to go. Most of the polo matches actually took place in the afternoon and evening so my friends and I sadly only caught one match before we retreated to air conditioning but that one match was a lot of fun. I will definitely be on the lookout for more polo events in the future. Comment and tell me if you’ve ever seen polo live!


IMG_9196Thank you to Wendy for braving the heat with me!

Live in floppy hats,


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