Daniela’s Lens gives a look into NYC’s annual Victory Cup Polo Match and craft beer festival held at Governors Island.

The Victory Cup is an annual polo match on Governors Island. From a craft beer festival to a live music, Daniela’s Lens was there to capture it all in a look at all of the day’s lavish events. You won’t want to miss this one! Take a look below.

9:35 p.m.
It rains cats, dogs, ponies and every other animal you can think of. I decide to wait at a Starbucks near the 10 South terminal from where the ferry leaves to Governors Island.

11:45 p.m.
The rain is gone but still no sunshine. I get onboard the ferry.

12:35 p.m.
I arrive at the Victory Cup. 100% sunshine, 100% humidity, 100°F and 100% mud. That’s not going to stop fashionable New Yorkers from showing off their best outfits!


12:41 p.m.
Good looking couple.


12:50 p.m.
He gets nominated for the best-dressed award today.


12:53 p.m.
Great style!


1:03 p.m.
“I like your hair color!” I say.
“I get that a lot,” she says.


1:04 p.m.
“She is so beautiful,” says her plus one while I take this photo.


1:05 p.m.
The referee.


1:09 p.m.
“We are using the umbrella for sun protection,” they say.
Good idea. I unpack mine and do the same thing.


1:28 p.m.
Looks chic and comfy!


1:33 p.m.


1:45 p.m.
I wander around and take this shot from a small hill.


1:51 p.m.


1:59 p.m.
I was just thinking about dipping my head into this bucket filled with ice cubes. And then this guy comes along.


2:05 p.m.
Beautiful hats!


2:11 p.m.
K. Cooper Ray is moderating the polo match.
“Polo is the new football! Everyone is sending their kids now to polo practice!” he says. “One of the players today is single and has a big job in Manhattan, Ladies!”

2:13 p.m.
I meet one of the photographers who also attended the Long Beach film festival yesterday.
“Did you end up going to the 50cent party in the Hamptons?” I ask him.
“Yes!” he says. “But it was a big mess, lots of people, chaos and I only got a shot of 50cent overexposed.”
I’m so glad I didn’t go.


2:14 p.m.
Dr. Kelly Powers looks better than ever.


2:28 p.m.
Let’s watch some polo.


2:37 p.m.
What a backdrop!


2:45 p.m.
And then it’s time to stomp the divots. Everyone is invited on the field to push the small patches of grass, which come up while playing polo, back in place.


2:46 p.m.
This dog looks gorgeous but might not be a lot of help.


2:49 p.m.
Funny hats!


2:59 p.m.
I head over to the party tent and meet these three. The one in the middle gets hit on by a guy three times her age a few moments later. Unfortunately, I know that guy. He is a known ‘party crasher’: Someone who gets himself into events for free to eat, drink and hit on girls.


3:02 p.m.
He hands her a card and goes his way. The girl turns to her friends, starts laughing and continues dancing.


3:15 p.m.
K. Cooper Ray and Dr. Kelly Powers.
The best-dressed awards!


3:16 p.m.
She is the winner!


3:18 p.m.
One more photo of K. Cooper Ray and Dr. Kelly Powers before I head back to Manhattan.

Daniela Kirsch is a renowned entertainment photographer and founder of NameFace — an event photo agency based in New York City. Through her creative expertise and unique visual style, Kirsch not only just knows more than just a thing or two about photographing A-list events, but is forever changing the way we interact with the entertainment industry. In June 2018, Kirsch teamed up with Patch to launch the photo series ‘Daniela’s Lens’ offering weekly features from local events to red carpet magic.