Saturday, July 11th was one for the books – not only did I attend my first polo match with my best friends, but I had the awesome opportunity to meet the iconic Kiel James Patrick (KJP), Sarah Vickers (SarahKJP), and some of their crew members at The Victory Cup, Cardillo Cup! Held at Beaver Creek Equestrian Center in Patterson, NY, The Victory Cup was held as a charity polo match which doubled as a stop on the International Polo Tour! When KJP was promoting his crew’s attendance at the event, I snagged three tickets for myself and my two best friends, Meaghan and Michaela. The seemingly ritzy event seemed like a perfect weekend getaway. I left work early on Friday to head to New Jersey, and on Saturday, the three of us attended one of the greatest events of the summer. And, as expected, the day was affluently amazing (…to quote Meaghan, “So this is what it feels like to be apart of the 1%….”)

The views from Beaver Creek were beautiful (I’m all for admiring spectacular views & enjoying nature,) but I’d venture to say the people were even prettier. The only thing that was better than sporting my VIP wristband was the collection of fabulous outfits our VIP counterparts were sporting under the white tent.

So what’s considered a “winning outfit?” — I posed this same question to myself the week prior to the event, and in my discussions with multiple co-workers, friends, and previous polo-attending personnel, I came to the consensus that the attire was similar to that of the Derby/day at the track. Logical, right? Both events involve wealthy attendees, sunshine, champagne (oh, and duh, horses!) Since I expected this day to be of similar style caliber to the Preakness, I decided to wear the same dress to horse around at Beaver Creek as I had previously worn at Pimlico Racetrack.

Since this was my first time at a polo match specifically, I had high hopes for the preppy styles by which I’d be surrounded. I definitely thought I could manage to blend in amongst the wealthy wives and children of the Hudson Valley. My assumptions held true; there definitely was a large population of ladies sporting their newest and brightest Lilly Pulitzer dresses, Jack Rogers sandals, and Michael Kors watches. It was my impression that such an outfit could win you the “Best Dressed” title out of those members of the VIP tent…boy, was I wrong. Read more…