Hundreds flocked to the Victory Cup polo match in Brookshire on Saturday, hoping for a chance to watch a winning game or catch a ride in a hot air balloon.

Due to the cold and sometimes rainy weather, not all of that was possible, but Victory Cup organizers gave fair warning.

“When dealing with horses, balloons and weather things do not always go according to perfect timing,” representatives from the national polo tournament said in a press release. “We ain’t McDonalds and this isn’t a space shuttle launch or a German train. This is a casual, fun festival to enjoy in full. Please remember that. Smile. Breathe. Laugh. Life is good.”

While there was difficulty getting hot air balloons off the ground, vendors allowed families to pose for photos in the balloon baskets, with large flames shooting up overhead.

“We had a great crowd, a great turnout,” said Greg Ball, owner of the Victory Cup, which is based in Fredericksburg. “It would have been great to have better weather, but we’re very happy with the turnout. We’re looking forward to making this an annual event.”

Food and drinks were provided throughout the day, which started bright and early at 7 a.m., and vendors peddled their wares to the public. Bounce houses and live music also were offered, along with a polo tutorial.