SPOTTING Michaele Salahi at a recent polo match in Greenwich, Conn., was no easy task. In that crowd, a waifish striking blonde of a certain age — even one who stood at 5 foot 11 before slipping into her Louboutin heels — was not exactly an anomaly.

But the cameras were a dead giveaway.

There, in front of a small group of photographers, was Mrs. Salahi, 45 — hand on thrusting hip, shoulder seductively lowered — wearing the well-rehearsed fixed smile of an aspiring beauty queen. Her husband, Tareq, three years younger and one inch taller, stood confidently beside her.

Few people had heard of the Salahis before they maneuvered their way into the White House for President Obama’s first state dinner in November 2009, apparently uninvited. But that well-publicized event, along with the couple’s polarizing presence on “The Real Housewives of D.C.” reality series last year, made them celebrities of sorts.

And though that show has been canceled, and the limelight may have been harsh at times (exposing their financial difficulties, their fractious relationship with Mr. Salahi’s family and their own apparent proclivity for occasionally stretching the truth), they seem determined to extend their fame beyond its proverbial 15 minutes.

Thus, this appearance at the Victory Cup polo match in mid-July, also a fund-raiser for Greg Ball, the New York State Senator, where Mrs. Salahi had been named celebrity judge of the event’s Best Dressed contest. Read more…