Greg Ball

Greg Ball may have stepped down from his Senate seat and moved to Texas in 2014 but he’s still a presence in the Hudson Valley, both through his promotional business and politics. And true to form, he’s running against the establishment in local politics.

We reported earlier Tuesday that a polo exhibition and gourmet festival started by Ball is once again scheduled for a Pawling-area farm. But that’s not the only reason he’s coming back from Texas to the Hudson Valley.

Ball said in an email that he was also working on a GOP primary campaign for Suzi McDonough, who will compete in a September primary for Ball’s old Assembly seat, which was taken over by Steve Katz when Ball went to the Senate. Katz isn’t running for reelection.

According to her bio, McDonough is a conservative ”pro-life,” ”pro-second amendment” candidate and mother of five. She runs a non-profit organization devoted to cancer awareness- she lost her husband to cancer more than a decade ago.

According to news reports, McDonough doesn’t have the area’s Republican establishment behind her, with another candidate, Kevin Byrne, getting more than three times the weighted votes from local committeemen.

That probably suits Ball, who was known for some over-the-top remarks when in office, just fine. He didn’t really have the Senate GOP’s ”establishment” behind him when he sought and won his senate seat.

It’s not yet clear how involved he was in the production, but a video about Byrne has what could be some of Ball’s trademark imagery, complete with a photo of her wielding a shotgun at what looks like a skeet shooting range.

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