Over Thanksgiving, Marine Veteran to Camp For 7 Days In Tower To Raise Money For Disabled Veterans

Fredericksburg, TX (11/07/19) — Scott Burns, the founder of 7 Days for the Troops, is partnering with Headwaters for Heroes, Purple Heart Homes, Biedermann’s Ace Hardware, Altstadt Brewery & The Victory Cup Polo Match and Hot Air Balloon Festival to host a 7 Days For The Troops Event in Fredericksburg, TX over the Thanksgiving Holiday Week.
7 Days For The Troops was started in 2006 by Scott Burns, a Marine Veteran with a service connected disability. Scott wanted to do something in support of our men and women fighting overseas, so he decided to build a 20 foot high tower outside a mall in Tupelo, Mississippi, where he would stay for seven days (168 hours). Scott Burns is now bringing the Tower and 7 Days For The Troops to Fredericksburg, TX.
Headwaters for Heroes is a 501c3 non-profit organization based in Harper, Texas. Headwaters for Heroes was formed in 2011 by Steven and Donna Sweeney. Headwaters for Heroes was formed to give back to those who have given so much for great country. This is done through the outdoor recreational therapy programs utilizing hunting and fishing events, all to help with physical injuries as well as PTSD. H4H also serves the Gold Star community by taking the children of our fallen soldiers on hunting and fishing trips. Starting in this 2019-2020 deer season Headwaters for Heroes will start its venison give distribution program to oldefr veterans on limited income to help with their dietary needs. Based in Harper but putting on events all over Texas to serve an average of 100 individuals per year.
During the busy Thanksgiving Week, Scott will live in the 3-tier tower 24/7 for a total of 7 days at Biedermann’s Ace Hardware in Fredericksburg, TX. Scott, who is a husband and father of 2, will remain in the tower without ever touching the ground (including onThanksgiving Day) in an effort to raise funds and awareness to improve the lives of disabled veterans.
“Being on the tower during Thanksgiving Week is a sacrifice but nothing compared to what our heroes have given, and continue to give. Purple Heart Homes is a 501(c)3 public charity that was founded in 2008 by John Gallina and the late Dale Beatty, two combat wounded Veterans. After being injured in Iraq in 2004, they returned to their community and received a warm welcome and grateful appreciation for their service. They began to question why all Veterans didn’t get the same levels of support and assistance from society. The answer isn’t easy, but Purple Heart Homes fills the gaps in housing through the Veterans’ Aging In Place and Veterans Home Ownership Programs. From building a ramp for a Veteran of World War II, to providing home ownership opportunities to younger Veterans, their programs are designed out of necessity and fit the specific needs of the Veteran population. Learn more about Purple Heart Homes by visiting: www.purplehearthomesusa.org,” said Scott Burns.
The public is encouraged to visit and cheer Scott during Thanksgiving Week and donate to the cause! The tower will be erected at Bidermann’s Ace Hardware located at: 1102 East Main Street, Fredericksburg, TX 78624. Scott will camp out in the tower from November 23 – 30, including Thanksgiving Day. Knowing Texas weather, Scott will have to endure the extreme cold and the extreme heat (probably both in the same day). The funds raised will go directly to Purple Heart Homes to be used to help veterans in Texas and the public is encouraged to visit Scott at the Tower in Fredericksburg, Texas the week of the event.
“Please come to meet this hero and to help raise additional funds for Headwaters for Heroes and Purple Heart Homes! After Scott competes his time in the tower, 7 Days For The Troops will culminate at The Victory Cup Polo Match & Hot Air Balloon Festival held at Altstadt Brewery. Polo. Live Music. Hot Air Balloons. Fashion. Food. Drinks. Vendors. This event isn’t just a polo match or balloon festival, it’s a networking and social destination drawing folks from across the country. Scott will be the official DJ Emcee of The Victory Cup that Friday and Saturday!” said PHH Co-Founder John Gallina.
“We have gotten to know Scott over the past year and he is an absolutely amazing man. When he came to us with this idea, we knew it would be a home run for Texas and the Fredericksburg community,” said Joe Bachmeier of The Victory Cup. “We’ve been proudly working with Purple Heart Homes over the past several years to raise tens of thousands of dollars to help support the wonderful work they do for service disabled veterans. We’re looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with Scott at the tower as he raises money for this incredible cause and then celebrating with him afterwards at The Victory Cup Polo Match & Hot Air Balloon Festival!”
“Headwaters for Heroes in honored to be a part of 7 days for the troops and Purple Heart Homes to raise local awareness of the needs of our veteran community. We are always ready to give back to those who have so much for our great nation,” said Steven Sweeney of Headwaters for Heroes.
To learn more about 7 Days For The Troops or to donate online to this cause you can visit: purplehearthomesusa.org/7-days-for-the-troops.