Thousands of New Yorkers trotted to Governors Island on Saturday to see an annual polo competition in the city for the first time.

Horses took to the field for a day of polo matches for the 14th annual Victory Cup Polo match.

The event has been held upstate for years, and players said getting to Governors Island presented a special set of challenges.

“Until you go over the bridge into Manhattan, it is pretty straight forward, but once you are in Manhattan, all bets are off,” said player Patrick Marinelli. “You can’t really take a truck and trailer down the highway, so you are going right through the middle. It was definitely an experience.”

“The logistics definitely present challenges — taking the horses on a ferry, for example,” said fellow player Jennifer Williams.

But there was plenty of fun and fashion for everyone, as attendees dressed to the nines, outfitted in wide-brimmed hats and seersucker.

“I actually just put away all my summer clothes, so I had to scramble through my closet to find something that was still polo-worthy,” one attendee said.