Recently I had the pleasure of attending The Victory Cup at Prestonwood Polo Cup with my lovely friend Katie Rose Watson of 
You can read all about our fun via her wonderful post here.


It was here that I had the absolute joy of meeting the good people of the Bloody Buddy Premade Bloody Mary Cocktail.

David Barton and his team completely sold me on their ready-to-drink cocktail: Not only were they very informative on the process of how its made, but they’re very savvy on what distinguishes their Bloody Mary from anything you’ve tasted before. They’re also probably the funniest bunch you could ever come across! You can tell they genuinely love what they do and that’s something I admire in a company!


Their Bloody Buddy is a ready-to-drink premade bloody mary cocktail WITH vodka (that’s right! no worrying about measuring!) It consists of a special chili pepper infused vodka and a homemade Bloody Mary mix. I am always leary of “ready to drink” alcoholic drinks but I have found my go to bloody mary cocktail for the summer!


If you like a good Bloody Mary, this is a “no mess no hassle” tasty drink you can take with you to the pool, lake days, beach days, family BBQ’s, etc.

Just pour it over ice and voila:


A delicious drink you can garnish with your favorite toppings for an instaworthy concoction that is both beautiful and tasty! A word of caution: These go down really smooth as you can barely taste the vodka, but beware they do contain a 10% ABV.



If you haven’t yet, do yourself a favor and get your hands one one of these for the summer! You can thank me later.

Xo, WenDubDarlin’

*Please note: This post is not in any way sponsored. I happened to find them by happenstance and honestly love raving about an incredible product that I think is worth the money! If you’d like more information on how to get your hands on one of these, visit:

They are the nicest bunch and will answer any questions you may have!